Blamire – Interview and Article

By Fern Mcerlane In a city best known for indie and alternative music, Newcastle based synth-pop mavens Blamire dare to do something different. Currently releasing singles building up to a debut EP, their uniquely retro sound is nostalgic yet refreshing. Fern McErlane caught up with Alex Blamire for more insight into the band. Beginning as... Continue Reading →

The impacts of being an influencer.

By Law Emilia With eyes glued to the glowing screen of my phone I sat with a lump in my throat.  My chest was tight, anxiety was building and my risk of developing repetitive strain syndrome in my thumbs was increasing with each time I pressed refresh on my new Instagram post. You’d think this... Continue Reading →

WTF Is: Tits Upon Tyne? – Spotlight Music UK

With the recent addition of Spotlight Music UK to our official friends and partners page, I thought I would take this time to look back on the first ever collaboration we did together! If you still haven't checked the interview with them out, please do here! Feature image by @letters2louise

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