Alix Alixandra – ‘Hope Is An Animal’

In such a tried and true format as the singer/songwriter art form, it can often be difficult to find singers with such inspired characters behind their words. However, Alix Alixandra’s sense of personality courses through the veins of her debut. A combination of minimalistic instrumentation and raw, heartfelt vocals personifies “Hope Is An Animal”.

Modern Coven – CURSES single review

By Ryan Wallace For an artist that describes themselves as a “witchy duo from Nottingham”, it comes as no surprise that Modern Coven’s most recent single, “Curses” is an ethereal, doom-laden folk soundscape. Setting up the song as a vibe above all else, Modern Coven allows the listener to drift into their coordinated use of... Continue Reading →

7 Important songs for racial discussion

By Ryan Wallace - Featuring Phibi Olumide In a time as heated as this, it’s important to educate ourselves on the reasons why we’re fighting against racism. Seeing as though music has always been an important tool in pushing challenging ideas and questioning the norm, I got in contact with musician Phibi Olumide to help... Continue Reading →

Rory Wynee – ‘Roses’ Review

By Ryan Wallace - WASTELAND MUSIC The new single from singer/songwriter Rory Wynne is a catchy offering of dreamy, anthemic indie pop. “Roses” perfectly displays Wynee’s ability to write a catchy melody laid over dreamlike synths. The track then energetically builds up into an anthemic chorus, making it an ideal indie bop for a less... Continue Reading →

Holding Out – Gutter single review

By Ryan Wallace Being their first single of 2020, there couldn’t be a more perfect time for Holding Out to drop their grittiest and rawest track to date. Permeated by chugging, doom laden riffs and lyrical content that paints an ugly picture of an uncertain future yet to come, the track is a refreshing shift... Continue Reading →

Tits Upon Tyne II event review 21/02/20

By Ryan Wallace - find his work here at WASTELAND MUSIC The Tits Upon Tyne charity event raised just over £300 in aid of breast cancer research last February. Here's a review of all four bands that played the event. FOWL FOWL at Tits Upon Tyne by Erin Earl Travelling hour-long bus journeys from Blyth... Continue Reading →

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