#CalledOut: Natalie Greener On Keeping Newcastle’s Music Scene Safe – Interview with Spotlight Music UK

To see the full article alongside the interview conducted by Alice Moulding, please click here! What started the #CalledOut campaign? “I started the Called-Out campaign to address the prominent issue of abuse within the creative industries. Suffering with PTSD from my own experience of being taken advantage of at the age of 17/18, it is definitely... Continue Reading →

After Dark Tark Show – Ep23 Podcast

Callum catches up with Natalie Greener, journalist and creator of Tits Upon Tyne. We chat about feminism, the parallels in creative communities and community as a whole and how she gave an old man the excuse to look at titties whenever he wants. You can find all episodes from the After Dark Tark Show podcast here.... Continue Reading →

SPILT MILK feature

If you still have not seen our sneaky piece in Spilt Milk, here you go you lovely people! It was amazing to know that after costs, the profits from the hard work of Mollie Casey will be donated to Newcastle West End Woman and Girls' shelter. Amazing stuff is done there and it has been... Continue Reading →

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