"VENUS GRRRLS release powerhouse single, ‘Goth Girl’, delving into the outlandish stereotypes associated with Goth Culture and Witchcraft. Opening with a build of tension between the vocals and drums, the song explodes into a full-frontal, unmerciful chorus that will linger in your head for days".  By Law Emilia VENUS GRRRLS release powerhouse single, ‘Goth Girl’,... Continue Reading →

The impacts of being an influencer.

By Law Emilia With eyes glued to the glowing screen of my phone I sat with a lump in my throat.  My chest was tight, anxiety was building and my risk of developing repetitive strain syndrome in my thumbs was increasing with each time I pressed refresh on my new Instagram post. You’d think this... Continue Reading →

By Law Emilia In dimly lit rooms with music blaring and people packed in so tightly their bodies may as well have been woven together, ill intentions thrive. Nightclubs and busy gigs present themselves as the proverbial sweetie shop for predators searching for their easy targets. Wandering hands, loitering pests, crude comments and even spiked... Continue Reading →

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