The Let Go – One More Single Review

By Emily Duff Female Indie Pop Band, The Let Go, are beginning to progress and make a name for themselves in the UK whilst proving the underappreciated talent of females in the music scene. Having taken almost a year away from making music and after recently relocating from Washington DC to Liverpool, The Let Go... Continue Reading →

Single Review: noyou – We’re So Sorry

By Emily Duff Sunderland locals, noyou, have released their latest track We’re So Sorry. With an indie synth sound, the band blend a trendy genre with interesting distortions and their member’s obvious musical abilities. Tackling traditional heavy rock tones with their synth sound creates an exciting and unusual aspect to listen to.  Having crashed the... Continue Reading →

HOURGLVSS – ‘Supreme Being’ Interview

By Emily Duff Power duo HOURGLVSS have released their new track, Supreme Being. A dance pop track that has surprising ethereal elements that range from from the vocals to the backing singers but combine to make the track instantly catchy.Starting with a 10 second guitar riff that totally confuses a listener expecting upbeat synth, the... Continue Reading →


DARLING ZINE by Emily Duff - Issue 1. Tits Upon Tyne will be featured in the format of an interview with founder, Natalie Greener. Darling Zine Issue One by Emily Duff, Cover by Rebecca Reed (Candy Vortex) - Promoting Creative Wxmen in Music, Art and Film - 44 Full Colour Pages Professionally Printed - Uses... Continue Reading →

Music Review: BLÓM – Flower Violence

By Emily Duff After pre-releases Be Kind and Meat, their debut album has been highly anticipated. Female/non-binary power trio, BLÓM have finally released new music since their last singles in 2018. BLÓM is a noisey, punky, experimental group of radjie but super cute members and Flower Violence fully personifies that. BLÓM blends all ranges of... Continue Reading →

Local Single Review: Fowl – Kool Aid

By Emily Duff Before this single was released I was excited to see what local “merriment providers” Fowl had come up with. The artwork, by lead singer Evan Coatsworth, and title all gave hints to an interesting backstory implying a heavy influence from the Jonestown Massacre, a cult resulting in a mass suicide. This is... Continue Reading →

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