Breast Cancer and me.

Tits Upon Tyne is no longer something solely focused on Breast Cancer but the cause is the entire reason I started this campaign. Over time it has grown into something more and looks at other female issues - especially in the music industry, but I think now is a great time to go back and... Continue Reading →

6 Simple Steps To Support Sexual Assault Survivors

By Nathalie Limon I feel like the subject of sexual assault is a topic that people feel they have to tip-toe around in conversation. It’s understandable though, since our innate desire to mitigate the possibility of offending people is strong. Since it’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, there’s been an increase in stigma around the subject... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Unconventional Women on Screen

By Imogen Baker We’re used to seeing problematic men adorn our screens – we’ve seen men as liars, cheaters, abusers of drugs, alcoholics and murderers. Look no further than the popularity of recent TV shows such as Peaky Blinders, Mad Men, Breaking Bad (and many, many more). But what happens, then, when women take the... Continue Reading →

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