I am not my body, I am somebody. Impactful lyrics like this were paired with insanely danceable rhythms. what more could you want! Dream Wife have been dishing us absolute bangers since 2015 for all types of people from all walks of life. With insane vocals and musical talent under their belt, this band smash every live performance that they do.


I must admit, the venue was a bit tricky to find due to it being Newcastle uni’s own but once we got adjusted, it was mint. Truly mint. Their stage presence was just as impressive as their musical skill, if you can believe it? ft an onstage ‘wrestle match’ between the bassist and lead guitarist… a guitar-off, if you will! we even had to applaud for our chosen winner (ending in a bittersweet draw of course) and cheer the ‘wrestlers’ on! I was captivated by the band from start to finish – they even whipped out a money gun half way through the set because who doesn’t love a good prop. Although the machine struggled to shoot the fake notes far, the very strong and political point of deconstructing the system stood strong. Even if you didn’t know a single song, Dream Wife made it so all the bad bitches were entertained and captivated. The ever so important performance and stage presence of their set was evident.

Photo by @solemnversecreative on insta

From a little bit of small talk to keep us involved to encouraging all the bad bitches to come down to the front, there wasn’t a dull moment. But remember, anyone can be a bad bitch. Inclusivity felt in the audience of Dream Wife was surreal in such an unstable socioeconomic environment. The band screamed and shouted at the top of their lungs for all groups no matter who they were which, in turn, encouraged them to scream and shout for themselves – impeccable. The impact and meaning that music can have for people was so evident in this gig and every second felt so powerful. I couldn’t get enough. Next time they’re playing you can bet that I will be back shuffling my way forward to the front! We left with hands gripping a complimentary ‘support your local bad bitch’ sticker handed out by the lead singer, Rakel Mjöll, who chatted with some of the stragglers post gig. Just as I expected they were the sweetest – a mind to match the music. The sticker in question now greets me every morning as it’s stuck on my mirror to remind me to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BAD BITCH and here’s me reminding you. And can we talk about their outfits for a second – wow. everyone just looked so groovy! Every single detail was thought out and perfected. What a gig!

Now I know what to say when asked what I want to be when I grow up.

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