SOURCE: www.keychange.eu

The Keychange Pledge has already had a huge impact on the music industry. With the Pledge, Keychange offers an effective tool and tailored support to increase representation throughout the music world.
Festivals, venues, promoters, booking agents, record labels, companies, organisations, education institutes, broadcasters – we encourage everyone to take the Keychange Pledge and work with us towards a gender balanced music industry.

Representation of women and gender minorities in the music industry remains very low in all European countries. Across the participating countries’ collecting societies, women represent 20% or less of registered composers and songwriters. Earnings for women are even lower and women and gender minorities are underrepresented in leadership roles across the industry and on stages at festival programmes.

The Keychange Pledge represents a collective effort to change this landscape. Through the Keychange Pledge, Keychange is building a network of music festivals and organisations who are committed to achieving and transforming representation throughout the music industry.

We are inviting all music organisations to take the Keychange Pledge. As all festivals and organisations are unique, we ask each pledge signatory to outline their own ambitions when signing the pledge.

  • Orchestras could use the 50:50 target for composers commissioned and/or number of players, number of principal players, balance of senior staff
  • Concert halls could look at line-ups on stage (as our Keychange festivals have) or other aspects of their organisation e.g. senior staff, backstage staff
  • Conservatoires could look at students, lecturers, senior staff teams, live music programmes, visiting musicians
    Agents, publishers and labels may want to look at the balance of artists they sign
  • Other charities or trade bodies could also consider the make-up of their Board and staff whilst pledging to encourage its members to sign up to Keychange as well
  • Broadcasters could use the pledge to look at the guests they invite onto their shows or presenters and music broadcast
    Publications and those employing editorial staff could apply the Keychange pledge when commissioning writers, editors, photographers etc.
  • Organisations with youth groups or education programmes may also want to apply a Keychange pledge to this area of their work

We strongly believe that the target needs to be defined and owned by the festivals and organisations themselves and we will collate data annually to help measure progress

By taking the pledge, you will become a part of the Keychange network, comprising 500+ festivals and organisations that are working towards equal representation in the music industry.

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