Alix Alixandra – ‘Hope Is An Animal’

By Ryan Wallace

In such a tried and true format as the singer/songwriter art form, it can often be difficult to find singers with such inspired characters behind their words. However, Alix Alixandra’s sense of personality courses through the veins of her debut. A combination of minimalistic instrumentation and raw, heartfelt vocals personifies “Hope Is An Animal”.

The opening track ‘Hold Out Your Hand’ is a wondrous folk soundscape. Alixandra’s vocal flow perfectly complements the raw emotion of the track. Whilst it portrays a bright and cheery backdrop, Alixandra’s personality is powerful and uncompromising. The track ‘Hopeful Twin’ features some of the album’s most gut-wrenching emotions. It’s character dissemination is permeated beautifully through Alixandra’s expression. Her voice takes so many twists and turns and remains as one of the perfect examples of her versatility in displaying raw and heavy emotion through such an ethereal voice.

Hope Is An Animal is a raucous and poetic display of love, self-reflection and hope. It retains a tightly ethereal atmosphere with enough wit and character in its songwriting to firmly establish the facets of Alix Alixandra’s persona. Definitely a recent highlight in the folk singer/songwriter sphere.

“An underrated folk album to look out for in Newcastle”

Wasteland Music

YOUTUBE Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oliver Cobb. 
PR and merch sold by Coat Rack Records. 
Booklet printed by Anvil Consulting, CD duplication and digifile printed by Disc Jugglers.

“The emotion of 5 years is evidently captured in one album. I love working with Alix as her approach is stripped back and raw – there’s no bullshit with her.”

Owner of Coat Rack Records, Natalie Greener (Tits Upon Tyne)


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