Single Review: Michy Tree – ‘Floating House’

by Erin McGroovy

Tits upon Tyne is all about showcasing strong, independent women and Michy Tree is no exception. Incredibly, 20-year-old Michelle Tree has written, produced, mixed and mastered single, ‘Floating House’ completely on her own.

This is an extremely commendable feat, especially when taking into consideration the male dominated nature of the music industry. Rightly so Michy Tree has not been intimidated and has proved herself as one to look out for, not just in performance, but in production too.

Her soft, ethereal vocals lead the track which offers a stark representation of internal struggles that have become even more relevant over the past year due to the isolation of lockdown. That ‘suffocating’ feeling and being unable to breathe is one that definitely resonates with the experience of the pandemic and being confined to four walls.

Yet still, this beautiful single has been able to linger up through it all and the tempo becoming more upbeat with the incorporation of drums lying over sweet harmonies, lets us know that whilst we all struggle, things will be ok.

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