Single Review: VENUS GRRRLS – ‘Goth Girl.’

by Erin McGroovy

VENUS GRRRLS explode back onto the scene once again with single, ‘Goth Girl.’

Inspired by riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill, the Leeds queens battle not only age-old stereotypes of women in the music industry, especially within rock, but the stereotypes faced by those identifying in subcultures that are a little more out of the ordinary (whatever that is.)

‘Goth Girl’ voices the story of two friends hanging out, getting ready, borrowing each other’s clothes – a peaceful and harmonious memory that is reflected in the melodic nature of the vocals from lead singer GK, harking back to the younger selves of the members.

When the chorus hits though, the detonation of noise and rage makes apparent how the discrimination from countless microaggressions over the years has lit a fire under VENUS GRRRLS.

The energy pushes us to want to express ourselves in any which way we feel too. It’s so inherently powerful and stirs an emotional reaction, especially to listen to as a woman, who has been told all their life to look and act in certain ways.

When speaking of society, GK said: “it’s always ready to point the finger at something new.” This stuck with me because as the track expresses, the focus of ridicule momentarily has been turned toward those who dress differently, people who partake in goth culture or the occult, especially when that person identifies as female or non-binary.

People are so quick to judge without any prior knowledge whatsoever. VENUS GRRRLS are challenging this, and this is what the riot grrrl culture is all about, to make these inequalities heard and to truly inspire and revolt. Revolution leads to transformation, and the power of this track alongside the groups other work, could really be at the forefront of leading change.

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