Trio of Releases Out Now On Phlexx Records

by Niamh Christian

Phlexx Records have had a number of releases through the label recently including that of  the recently split up Soft Girls & Boys Club,  as well as Fang Jr. & Trekkah.


 Fang Jr. – Charity Fingers 

The Uk-based electonic artist Fang Jr. has created a 3-track collection of hard hitting bass and trap-esque instrumentation, with airy and experimental elements creating a unique and endulging sound. The mesmeric music alongside distorted vocals creates a hypnotic and nearly entrancing experience for the listener.

Complete with B-Side track ‘Saluki Seen’ and ‘Charity Fingers Remix’ from Cinema Gold, Fang Jr. has released a dramatic set of electronic music that is innovative and alluring. 

Soft Girls & Boys Club – Jeefy Hymns Deluxe

After announcing that they would be coming to a sad end, the five-piece Soft Girls & Boys Club have surprised fans with an amazing 25 track album, the extended Editors cut of their latest album ‘Jeefy Hymns’. With seven additional tracks, this new deluxe album is jam packed full of exciting B-Side releases, remasters and a few unheard tracks. 

Featuring with re-works of earlier favourites ‘22:22’ and ‘Treadmill’, alongside pre-release singles ‘Draws’, ‘Yoga For the Dead’, ‘Baby’s Got a New Shirt’ & ‘Definite Happiness’, this final release is exactly what every hardcore fan needed. This Album has all their musical ability showcased in an extensive manner, with mystical vocals and soothing guitar riffs.

Trekkah ft. Fang Jr. – Colours

Colours is an exclusive collaboration between Phlexx producer, Trekkah, and electronic producer, Fang Jr, with a beautiful piano based tune and a soft soothing beat, this single mastered by Sam Wain captures the true raw talents of both Trekkah and Fang Jr. 

This beautifully honeyed track has a mix of elements from the artists previous work with a new distinguished sound, featuring musician Raphael Achache on Double Bass. The gentle and enchanting vocals captures the heartfelt lyrics in a profound way.

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