Single Review: Logan J Parker – ‘Sweet Songs of Love’

by Darcy Nathan

Logan J Parker adds to her catalogue of amalgamated blues and soul inspired tunes with her latest single release Sweet Songs of Love. With the London based musician’s most romantic lyrics yet, Logan documents her desire to shorten the distance faced by her and her lover over the festive period.

The story of this track is one of growth – Parker references overcoming the ache of her long-distance relationship. The lyrical content perhaps forebodes the eventual fate of this relationship, “There is a place you gotta go / Deep in your eyes I see the truth,” as Parker reports her yuletide lover broke up with her just before Christmas day via text.

The tune, however, provides listeners with a glorious tale of taking the positives from a painful experience. As Parker herself describes it: “I was heartbroken but I am glad I was able to write such a beautiful piece. I guess all songwriters can relate to this: pain creates art. There is no way around it.”

Parker’s emotional connection to her work is evident and she is clearly devoted to her music. Not only does she write and record Sweet Songs of Love, but she also edited, directed, starred in and co-filmed the music video. It’s clear to see her artistic passion and integrity in the video – a pastiche of clips of her performing, and VHS clips dating from Christmas Day.

As if her inspiration wasn’t made clear enough aurally, the focus of the video on recollecting the times her and her lover were united certainly makes her musical influences are glaringly obvious on this track. The recollective lyrics and raw vocals ring true to her more recent influences of Amy Winehouse, whilst the instrumental guitar acts as a homage to the rock of the 60’s, which she states harks back to the music of her childhood.

Released on Christmas Day, Sweet Songs of Love is the first of many 2021 releases for Parker, with her debut album due to drop later in the year. The unique combination of her range of musical stylistic influences, and her soulful lyrical prowess sets a precedent for great things to come from this multi-talented musician.

You can stream the single on Spotify, or watch the official music video here.

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