Single Review: Nowhere To Be Found – ‘Blinding Lights’ metal cover

by Erin McGroovy

Nowhere To Be Found are a band reigniting a genre that has for a while now, seemed to be dying out. 

In the past they have worked with the likes of Matty Mullins from the iconic Memphis May Fire, as well as Henrik Udd, a Swedish producer associated with Bring Me The Horizon and Architects. For this new single though, they’ve gone for a slightly different approach, in choosing to cover the UK’s most streamed song of 2020: ‘Blinding Lights.’

Personally, I’m not much of a fan of The Weeknd nor of the chosen song but this reprise surprised me and proved that genre crossovers really do know no bounds. Their good old fashioned screamo bridge threw me right back to the days of getting kick spun in the face at Of Mice and Men gigs at the o2, so naturally I felt right at home while giving it a listen.

The contrast between the music videos is apparent, The Weeknd’s is like watching boring gameplay footage from GTA, whereas Nowhere To Be Found portray delicate and touching stories of emotion throughout people’s lives.

I think it’s true to say that though metal as a genre is angry and intense, the groups themselves are far more sensitive souls than those of mainstream pop musicians. People who listen to metal or hardcore music tend to be outcast in the same way as people who listen to indie or grunge and I think this authenticity that these experiences bring, allow groups such as Nowhere To Be Found to depict scenes like those in their music video far more truly and with care.

The near 60k views on YouTube and 40k on Spotify, is definitely well deserved.

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