Single Review: ‘Blackbird’ – Crying Beauty Queens

by Emily Duff

Composed of Jordan Price’s vocals and guitar, Alex Hurlstone’s bass and Paddy Murphy’s drums, Crying Beauty Queens have recently dropped their new track ‘Blackbird’. The band’s name is  inspired by the 21st century era that the band has grown up in, claiming that it reflects those who are more inclined to complain than to try and make a change.

Created in one sleepless night in Lancashire, the track was recorded with just 2 microphones and a laptop in Murphy’s stairwell – a very DIY approach to music. Having always used recording studios and the help of record producers, ‘Blackbird’ was a complete step away from what the group are used to by being recorded and produced entirely by Crying Beauty Queens.

Influenced by genres from punk to goth rock, the group also look to bands like Pixies, The Cranberries, LCD Soundsystem and The Beatles for inspiration. ‘Blackbird’ begins by creating a haunting atmosphere through Price’s slow guitar riff and ethereal vocals before suddenly speeding in tempo for a powerful chorus. This chorus discusses loneliness with lyrics like, “Heads turn and walk away”, which are backed by Hurlstone’s intense bass guitar and Murphy’s driving drumbeat. 

An impressive song considering its 24 hour creation, I’m intrigued to see what else Crying Beauty Queens have to offer.

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