Single Review – ‘Giving It Away’ – Danica Dares

by Fern McErlane

For a band that claims inspiration from eighties synth pop, it’s no surprise that the Northern musical trio Danica Dares’ new single sounds akin to something you’d expect to hear in the latest season of Stranger Things. However, I suspect that this (brave, for lack of a better word) attempt perhaps might not make the Duffer brothers’ cut.

‘Giving It Away’, the first from a collection of songs entitled Curating The Lunatic, features heavy synthwave tones that at times overtake the volume of the vocals- with both seeming completely at odds in tempo with the reliable yet static drum beats throughout. It seems more than a little sloppy.

Though in music, lyrical repetition can often be a hit-maker, a la ‘Hey Jude’ (na, na na, na na… I could go on), here the chorus’ refrain- ‘Don’t give yourself away You’ll give it all away’- drags a little flat and monotonous. As indeed does the frontwoman’s entire vocal performance, though it’s unclear if this is a stylistic choice or not. For a song seemingly about the trials of the past year, it provides little lyrically to muse on.

Danica Dares give the impression of a band that is aurally confused- jarring offkey notes litter the track, particularly in the vocals. I find myself searching for a term less harsh than ‘objectively underwhelming’; if it’s niche that Danica Dares is going for, then they’ve hit the mark. Here’s hoping that the rest of their upcoming album sounds more inspiring.

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