Single Review: ‘Mary Shelley Song’ – Cat Ryan

by Amelia Thorpe

Up and coming Newcastle-based trio, Cat Ryan bless the local scene with their nostalgic new single, ‘Mary Shelley Song’. Shared to all major music streaming platforms on November 25th, the art-rock inspired offering comes as the band’s third release this year, bringing their growing discography and unique sound to the forefront of the scene.

Known on the scene for their originality and out-the-box thinking, Cat Ryan refuse to conform to a single genre, providing the scene with a new and exciting sound upon each release. ‘Mary Shelley Song’ is no exception, with its multifaceted blend of well mixed shoe-gazey riffs, disjointed vocals and mis-matched tonalities, the single creates an unexpectedly pleasant melting pot of sounds and styles.

Despite being relatively new on the scene, Cat Ryan are certainly not afraid of experimentation. This is probably the reason why they’re quickly rising into prominence. We’re all craving something different, and Cat Ryan is there to provide. Along with being able to satisfy our cravings for originality, the introspective track is able to reap those feelings of nostalgia that have been ripening throughout the lockdown, as we all relish on our pre-covid memories. Throughout the track, Mary-Anne (vocalist, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist) reminisces upon her memories of her time at college, which she admits inspired the creation of ‘Mary Shelley Song’.

Upon discussing the creation of the track, she stated that: “[…] it’s a very unique song and, despite the title, it’s only the first verse that’s about Mary Shelley. Lyrically it’s quite random, having been inspired by a variety of memories stemming from my time at college studying for my A-Levels.” She then went onto acknowledging that although the single may not seem to make loads of sense at face value, with its enigmatic and powerfully personal lyrics, it makes sense to the members, leaving us trying to string our own meanings, which, in my opinion, makes it so much more interesting.

As Cat Ryan add to their (already acclaimed) discography, they deservingly receive nothing but success and popularity as they gain an increasingly large following online, as well as also gaining industry support. Having already been signed to Pillar Artists (management/label), they now look forward to the future as they develop alongside other Art-Rock contemporaries such as Youth Sector, Swine Tax, Coach Party, Tranqua Lite, and CIEL.

Considering all that’s said above, I believe Cat Ryan are soon to be a stand-out name in the Newcastle’s vibrant alternative music scene, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this imaginative local three-piece.

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