Single Review: ‘Baby’ – Picnic

by Catherine Entwistle

Dancefloors may still be empty and music venues still largely closed across the country, but
sax-driven, Sunderland-based group, PICNIC’s latest single is sure to have you moving and
grooving in your kitchen. Released on 16 th October this year, ‘Baby’ is the perfect feel-good
pop banger. It couldn’t have come at a better time, bringing joy to the gloomiest of days.
The band’s positivity and energy radiates out through the track and it’s clear they had
genuine fun writing and recording it. It sounds amazing through a speaker, but there is no
doubt ‘Baby’ would sound immense live and I’m sure PICNIC can’t wait for the chance to
perform ‘Baby’ when the time is right.

The band’s signature sound of blended jazz, funk and pop is very much present in ‘Baby’.
The non-fussy but beautifully played instrumentation paired with already-great lyrics make
for a laid-back little love song with big pop energy. Foot-tappers everywhere would find it
difficult to resist the urge to move their feet to this feel-good track.

Bold, Paramore-esque lead vocals showcase a far-reaching talent and when we are treated
to the funky saxophone beats towards the end, the song really gains momentum.

As much as it’s a dance number, and despite it being released in the autumn, it’s got all the
assets of a summer pop banger. If you close your eyes, ‘Baby’ can take you away to a year of
no restrictions with road trips to the beach and long evenings in a pub garden.

The positive vitality that jumps out of ‘Baby’ is exactly what we were all in need of after
months of hibernation. The friendly, feel-good vibes of this track are hopefully a sign of
better things to come after some fairly miserable months.

‘Baby’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

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