Modern Coven – CURSES single review

By Ryan Wallace

For an artist that describes themselves as a “witchy duo from Nottingham”, it comes as no surprise that Modern Coven’s most recent single, “Curses” is an ethereal, doom-laden folk soundscape. Setting up the song as a vibe above all else, Modern Coven allows the listener to drift into their coordinated use of airy synths and isolated guitars. What begins as a droning lullaby soon turns into a cold and chilling mood, eschewing the feeling of treading through a forest alone, being unsure whether to turn around to catch someone or something on the hunt for you. 

Curses uncompromisingly nails and relishes in the vibe it creates and as a result, the track can feel somewhat disjointed, with an abrupt end to it. However, Modern Coven still use this to their advantage as this disjointedness only adds to the doomy sound of the track. It’s droning, simplistic progression gives the piece it’s tense and eerie vibe, whereas the otherworldly synths add an inflection of beauty to the doom and gloom. 

Modern Coven are taking an exciting new direction for local bands in Nottingham. Their combination of folk with ethereal goth and pop styles help to give their band an unmistakable aura amongst their contemporaries, and Curses only helps to further reinstate this.

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