Chiara Baillie – Disappear single review

By Emily Duff

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Chiara Baillie has recently released her debut single, Disappear. Recorded at Eggman Studio’s in Fife, Baillie created a stripped-back sound by focusing solely on her vocals and subtly accompanying herself on guitar.

With beautiful artwork by Kris Boyle, Baillie is shown in a beautiful sunrise-esque light with a distorted mirror effect. This imagery perfectly represents the softness that can be heard in Disappear. The perfect track for taking a moment to yourself, even the artwork shares the calming effect of Baillie’s vocals.

Immediately opening with a quiet guitar riff, her gentle vocals join in with lyrics, “And I am lost in a bubble in my head”, giving a listener goosebumps that remain until the end. This then leads into the equally gentle chorus in which Baillie demonstrates great vocal control as she reaches higher notes while simultaneously remaining at a whisper volume as she sings, “disappear.”

This slow guitar riff combined with Baillie’s gentle vocals make up the entirety of the single, maintaining this softness even when hitting soprano notes and discussing emotional ideas in her lyricism. This combination can be heard to create a calming but melancholic track, perfect for the feelings being discussed.

The Edinburgh based artist uses Disappear to discuss the ideas of mental health with lyrics like, “Sometimes I like to disappear”. This is a topic well worth discussing and with a skillset in acoustic singles, this is the perfect medium to discuss these conversations without intimidating a listener but rather becoming something easy to connect to as lyrics can be heard clearly and take centre stage.

With a turning point being heard in the lyrics,“I looked in the mirror and decided to stay another day”, Disappear remains hopeful despite the discussion of somewhat scary topics. From here, the track ends slowly making it feel rather unexpected. Having remained so lullaby-esque throughout the full three and a half minutes and having created such a warm and soothing melody it feels as if it needs to be played on repeat.

Having graduated with a degree in Music, Baillie has since been spending her time creating a range of acoustic and indie-pop tracks to establish herself as one to watch. With Disappear only being her debut, I definitely think Baillie will be going far.

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