You can now donate or tip to our writers!

Using Ko-fi, we are giving you the opportunity to donate or tip your favourite journalists, bands and charities easily through us! Just follow the link and when you ‘buy us a coffee’, specify what who your donation is for! From there, we will send it to the content creator to help them in these worrying times where the future of work in music looks bleak.

Seeing all of the work done by the #WeMakeEvents campaign, we want to be able to support the people keeping us entertained whilst we’re in the second wave. The creative industries are so important and through your support, we can try and help those who’s livelihoods are at risk because of CORONA.

If you want to donate – click here!

Proof of transaction to content creator can be provided upon request

#WeMakeEvents is an international movement to highlight that the live events sector urgently needs support from local governments to survive the Covid-19 crisis.

What else can we do if we can’t donate? Write to your local MP to demand actionRead More, share WME videos on social media, call someone you know in the industry to hear their story and encourage them to speak out and record your own video, post and add tags.

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