LAYKS – ‘Internet Friends’ Single Review

By Amelia Thorpe

After what seemed like the longest four months in lockdown, Indie-pop soloist, LAYKS broke the silence with dreamy new single, ‘Internet Friends’, upon its release on July 30th. Made up of British multi-instrumentalist, Sam Martin, and self-described as “nostalgic and colourful indie-pop”, the 1980s synth-pop inspired LAYKS, is an exciting new name on the scene. 

Recorded in Los Angeles last year, the track opens with a sparse but steady drum beat behind a melodic guitar riff, before LAYKS’ unique, silvery-toned vocals kick in and introduce the lyrical content. Throughout the single, LAYKS uses heavy distortion, reverb, and delay, which help create an ineffable full, yet empty, dreamscape, which could represent the never-ending abyss of ones and zeros that is the internet. 

As the instruments echo back and forth, the lyrics touch on themes of mental illness, as well as contemplate whether the connections we feel and the relationships we form on social media are real, or whether they are just an illusion. The vocal layering used throughout helps the lyrics stand out, and intensifies the desperation in LAYKS’ voice, as if he is calling out into a limitless void, only never to be heard. Despite this, ‘Internet Friends’ is the perfect song to chill out to this autumn, with its catchy hook and vibey guitar solo.  

The two and a half minute track can be listened to on all major music streaming platforms. ‘Internet Friends’ is a promising debut single and I am looking forward to hear what the up and coming soloist has in store for us next.

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