Georgie – At Home EP review

By Niamh Christian

Singer-songwriter Georgie from Mansfield has recently released an incredible 8 track EP with a very relatable title for the current world situation: At Home. Being stuck inside during lockdown has been aa difficult time for many, and Georgie is no exception. Suddenly having to curtail a high profile tour in support of The Lighthouse Family, forced into being housebound, as well as going through a difficult time with her love life, Georgie took to her home studio as a way to cope with everything going on in her life.

In her first two tracks, ‘Company’ and ‘Simple Things’, Georgie explores the importance of friendship and the people who matter most. ‘Company’ starts the EP off with a chill upbeat acoustic guitars against her soulful vocals singing about feelings of nostalgia. She then slows down as the EP goes to play ‘Simple Things’, with gentle vocals sung alongside only a piano, she creates a melodic masterpiece.

Her EP moves from friendship to heartbreak with her touching song ‘Unrequited Love’, poetic lyrics sung with so much power and emotion. Following a similar theme, ‘Rules We Broke’ is another heartfelt track singing of relationship troubles and the pain that loving someone can cause. Her lead single ‘Chasing Kites’ is the only one she didn’t write during lockdown. She had written and produced it previously as a way to explore what she’s really about musically and gain the confidence she needed to go off and start producing her own music. It’s catchy with optimistic lyrics about a lucky escape out of a toxic relationship. A more personal song ‘Now we’re lonely’, Georgie opens up, pouring her heart out like a diary entry. A slow tuneful number, singing about struggles and insecurities. Following from there, Georgie sings a heartwarming song called ‘Me and You Only’ about that special someone, you wish you could just be alone with. Written on piano with soft percussions overlapping, it’s a beautiful song that could bring a tear to your eye. Bringing this emotional rollercoaster of an EP to an end is ‘Blue Waters’, a much more optimistic tune compared to the majority of the EP, she sings about looking forward to a brighter future. With clear underlying meanings about moving on and not looking back, she brings this killer EP to a strong end which shows her redemption through her struggles.

Already creating quite a name for herself, Georgie was the first artist signed to Soul Kitchen Recordings as well as having a loyal following built up from tours with artists such as Tom Walker and Blossoms. It’s expected that this is just the beginning for Georgie and her musical career is ready to soar. 

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