The Let Go – One More Single Review

By Emily Duff

Female Indie Pop Band, The Let Go, are beginning to progress and make a name for themselves in the UK whilst proving the underappreciated talent of females in the music scene. Having taken almost a year away from making music and after recently relocating from Washington DC to Liverpool, The Let Go are back with their latest single One More.

Fusing ‘80s dance with modern synth rhythms, The Let Go have produced an incredibly catchy single that you can’t help but sway along to. With a slowed-down rhythm and faint pounding drum accompaniment, the synthy vocals are able to take centre stage in One More allowing for a focus on the importance of the message behind the song.

Inspired by popular artists from Paramore to The 1975, the track makes use of upbeat instrumentation with a juxtaposition of dispirited lyricism. Based on the experience of the band’s Singer-Songwriter, Nicoletta Kate, in which her friend began to binge drink every night, lyrics like “and it would be on a weekday” are sung passionately in order to exaggerate their infuriation. Being in that unhealthy and scary situation seems like it feels near impossible to resolve. Thankfully, Kate has been able to express her distress through One More with powerful lyrics like, “don’t you wanna feel something that you can’t ignore”.

With previous rock bangers like Pink and punk ballads like New Ways, The Let Go have continually proven their diversity. With their latest release of synthy One More, The Let Go are an exciting band to keep an eye on.

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