IZZY STADEN INTERVIEW + ‘You Don’t Lie Well’ Single Review

By Niamh Christian

Last month, London based singer Izzy Staden released her latest single ‘You don’t Lie Well’. An upbeat pop song full of sass and attitude with meaningful and relatable lyrics about a bad break up. Izzy has managed to build a platform by drawing upon her past struggles with mental health in her songwriting, especially in her previous songs ‘Addiction’ and ‘I’m Not That Crazy’. 

‘You Don’t Lie Well’ is a fun, bold, outgoing song with lyrics that a lot of people can find quite fitting for their own personal experiences. Along with the track, Izzy released a music video for it showing clips of her switching between drinking on a balcony, in the shower and writing liar in blood across newspaper-covered walls.

Izzy took the time to have a little chat with me about her latest release.

Hey Izzy! How’re you doing?

Hi there, I’m good thankyou

Can you talk me through your new single ‘You Don’t Lie Well?’

The song is about my best friend. He was in a relationship with a girl who cheated on him at a party that he was at. She then started crying to all her friends how it was so unfair on her. She was very obviously lying about the situation. So the song was inspired by that.

I love the music video! What was your thought process behind it?

So because of quarantine, I’ve been filming them at home, so I try to keep them quite simple so they’re easier to do. We had the idea to use right-wing newspapers and stick them on my wall and then write liar. I wanted it to not just be relationship-focused. The vibe was as if I was at a party almost with drinking on the balcony and stuff like that, so that’s it was inspired by. 

Your songs all seem very personal, are they usually based on your own experiences?

Yeah, they’re pretty much based on my experience or the experience of someone very close to me, traumatic things that have happened.  Generally, I find it easier to write about something that’s happened to me and how it made me feel.

Can you tell me a bit about your creative process?

It changes depending on what I’m doing. Sometimes I start with the backing track or a riff.  More often than not I get worried or I feel an emotion really intensely.  My way to get that emotion out, whether it be good or bad. I feel emotions really intensely, so for the best way for me to get it out of my system and to calm down is to write a song about it.  When I write lyrics the melody automatically comes along with it.  From there I’ll add chords, give it structure, add backing tracks and decide what overall vibe I want it to have. Then I’ll send it over to my producer for him to do some editing.

Have you always wanted to make music?

When I was 5 I started playing piano, then around 9 or 10, I began to learn the saxophone, which got me really into music.  I played in a lot of pubs and learnt a lot about the performance aspects.  For some reason at 16,  I just thought songwriting seemed so interesting. That’s when I decided to go to University to study it.

Can we expect more music from you anytime soon?

Yes! So I’m at the moment releasing a song a month, so there should be a new one early September and every month after that.

How would you sum up the message you give through your music in a sentence?

Whatever you’re feeling, you should feel. Whatever emotions are there, you should process and express.

If you could go back and give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

I’ve always worried about things not being perfect, so probably ‘just do it, it’ll be fine’. If you mess up, nobody cares, it’s not the end of the world.

You can find Izzy’s new single ‘You Don’t Lie Well’ on all major platforms now.

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