BLACK HONEY – ‘Beaches’ single review

By Natalie Greener

I have to say, I’m so relieved. After all the images disappeared from their Instagram page and postcards were sent out to a handful of people, Black Honey seemed as though they were saying farewell.

I think I should have learnt my lesson by now that BH like to rebrand on a yearly basis – new hair means new tunes. How could I have been so naive. Fronted by fashion icon, Izzy Bee Phillips, the way in which the Brighton based four piece set us up for their newest single, ‘Beaches’, was pure genius. The swift change from blue to orange meant a summer anthem was on its way to taking over our social media. And my god it did.

If you’ve been a huge fan of indie rock music for a while, you should notice something I’ve coined as the Black Honey Sound. Starting with the early tracks; Corrine, All My Pride and later on, Somebody better, a clear aesthetic was set in stone. Fortunately, the rebrand comes with the reassurance that future music will only be a better version of what’s already out. Hypnotic riffs and surfer vibes are always assured with the band but ‘Beaches’ simply just hit the retro nail on the head. With the release of their debut album in 2018 that included bangers like Midnight and Baby, the rise of Black Honey was only inevitable.

Beaches by BH via Youtube

Hitting us with the track in late July, the hype around ‘Beaches’ was so unprecedented but well deserved. Personally, I describe Black Honey as sex for your ears and they have been one of my go to for playlists for as long as I can remember. This new single screams summer loving and the music video matches to the fun feeling only BH can bring to scorching heat. A real DIY look was achieved as the band put together the visuals during lock down. As soon as the first few seconds blasted through my headphones, the smell of sea water and suncream hit. They managed to bring the beach to me but without the annoyance of finding sand in every single possible nook and cranny for days to come. Bravo!

I wonder what winter will bring?

Watch ‘BEACHES’ here!

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