Bohemian Machines – ‘Social Skills’ Single Review

By Erin McGroovy

Tearing from the silence of the last few months in lockdown, ‘Social Skills,’ begins with this effervescent, tribal percussion, almost like some sort of ritual, until it breaks down and merges into an indietronica beat. This later
meets with some punchy Talking Heads style vocals, a band that Bohemian Machines have taken a lot of inspiration from, by the first minute yet still upkeeping this postmodern funk throughout the tune.

Although this is very reminiscent of 70s Talking Heads meets 90s DEVO, there is still such a fresh, new and vibrant feel to the song that I can’t wait to hear played live in front of me or blasted through speakers on a dance floor.

The harmonising bridge towards the end adds that extra bit of variating soul to the piece that brings Parquet Courts to mind. It builds a sense of suspense and adrenaline in the listener that keeps our energy bubbling up with baited breath as we wait to boil over as we get thrown straight back into the midst of this rhythmically driven melodic beat, making you want to shout and scream along with the vocalist.

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