Mine and Charlie’s previous attempt to get one of these posts out every day ended up falling completely flat. Charlie has been working on multiple projects over the past few months and a daily project became too much for both our schedules.

As a result, he’s completely restarted the futurism piece into something that is already looking incredible. You can view the first steps he has taken in this new piece, as well as the music that influenced it below.

Also included is a short interview with Charlie.

What did you listen to and how did this affect the futurism piece?
I listened to the complete works of Edgard Varèse, Pulse Demon by Merzbow and Colour Quanta by Kim Cascone.

Merzbow – Pulse Demon (1996)

What influenced you to start the piece again?
I felt like I was being too restrictive with what materials I’d chosen for the window of time we decided to do it in, and I’d struggle to make something that properly expressed the experience accurately in that way.

What made you decide to work on a futurism-inspired piece?
Mainly due to futurism and noise music historically going hand in hand, as well as the visually chaotic look but with an underlying theme that felt like it really fit.

Toshimaru Nakamura & Kim Cascone – Blue Powder (2017)

What made you decide to use noise music as an influence?
Mainly because I haven’t really sat to listen to it properly in the past, and this seemed like a good opportunity to have something come from it as well.

Edgard Varese – Complete Works Volume 1 (1951)

How has music influenced your art in the past? Is it a key component during work?
Music is a huge part of my work in general, I always listen to music while doing work, it’s basically part of my entire process and it very much influences what I actually create in the end and the style and themes of the music come through.

I will continue to post Charlie’s work as he progresses on it, I won’t be sticking to a posting routine and rather will post sporadically until Charlie finishes the piece.

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