Single Review: Hania – ‘Asleep’

By Erin McGroovy

‘Asleep’ is the latest single seeing us into the summer from Hanna Maria Barsznica, aka Hania, dropping 10th July in Europe. It is the first track from her eagerly awaited EP, floating down onto the scene later this year.

Hania recently broke away from the independent label she was signed to in order to reclaim jurisdiction in terms of her look and sound, and that newfound autonomy and freshness is definitely at the forefront of this song. 

The Boston-based Polish singer-songwriter combines enticing electronic synth with an up-tempo drum beat, layered under that glass slipper smoothness of a voice to create this retro, dreamy haze – reminiscent of the backing tracks of our summer days past. 

She shared how, ‘Asleep’ talks about summer nostalgia. The person fantasises about the love they experienced during that time and how perfect it now seems. The little details and descriptive images help them feel like they’re in that same situation again. The romance is beautiful and very special but it’s not gonna last.” 

I think this is a feeling we can all relate to on some level and one that can bring us peace, warmth and happiness inside when looking back on through our rose-tinted glasses, yet she still manages to present it with such an air of coolness and solitude. The fact the track is 80s inspired, reinforces the slight similarities between sound in itself and the music of Lana Del Ray but meeting with a new Dua Lipa-like modernity.

Hania still has plenty of other bops available to stream that will no doubt please your ears. In the mean time I would recommend, airy, atmospheric release ‘Hollywood,’ which is imbued with an ineffable aura of passion and sends the inspirational message to young girls to never always prioritise yourself and your aspirations.

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