The Show Must Go On – Virgin Money’s Newcastle Outdoor Arena

By Ryan Wallace

Virgin Money graces Newcastle with the UK’s first socially distanced music venue.

I have no doubts that the people reading this article will surely miss the live concerts we all enjoyed before the invasion of covid and subsequent lockdown. Though online concerts and live streams have helped to put live music out there, you can’t exactly replicate the atmosphere and emotional outburst that a live concert can provide. Fortunately, Virgin Money have teamed up with SSD Concerts to provide a fully outdoor and socially-distanced music venue, with 7 acts already lined up. The venue is set to open in mid-August.

The Virgin Money Unity Arena will be located in Gosforth Park, and promises to provide distanced stalls in which concert goers will be able to stand and watch the live acts. The venue will also provide a food and drink delivery service. However, ticket-buyers will have to provide their car registration and will be given a set time for arrival at the venue. 

The spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown in March couldn’t have been more conveniently timed in order to ruin all of our favourite festivals and planned concerts. Everything was seemingly postponed until the end of the year, with some events being postponed indefinitely. Whilst this was especially hard to face for concert-goers, the aforementioned introduction of live streamed concerts helped to put major-recording artists out there. However, the problem still remains that local artists still don’t really have a way of exposure or profiting aside from merch sales. It would be beneficial to see something done for smaller bands trying to make it in the scene.

Tickets go on sale this Friday (10th July)!


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