By Ryan Wallace

The first day into our week-long project with Charlie Sanders centeres around the music of  late 60s composer Edgard Varese. His work is credited as a major influence to electronic and noise music. Using it as a basis to influence the beginning of his futurism inspired work, Charlie had this to say:

“In regards to the music, it was interesting to listen to some more classical noise music since it wasn’t heavily electronic like how we think of most noise music now. I enjoyed the vocal segments on songs, specifically ‘Nocturnal’ I thought had a lot of depth, and the lyrics really added to the atmosphere of it. I found it much more universally ‘listenable’ than majority of modern noise music at least”.

“Futurism from an artistic point of view is really interesting, the concept of trying to capture movement and power before the moving picture was widely accessible is a very interesting premise, but it’s understandable when viewed in the context of the time. With the second industrial revolution peaking, the combustion engine starting to overtake steam power, manufacturing of steel dominating the world, it was understandably an exciting time to be looking to the future”. 

“You can see futurism reflected in the music I listened to today as well, lots of ramping up sounds like a car speeding up, or air raid siren like noises flowing around the rest of the instrumentals. It also constantly carried a feeling of urgency and unpredictability, which actually had my heart racing as some points honestly when I was wrapped totally in the music. Overall I enjoyed it a lot.

Listen to Edgard Varese’s “Nocturnal”, the track which has influenced the early stages of Charlie’s piece.

We’ll be back tomorrow night with another update on Charlie’s exciting work.

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