Brand new alt rock power trio MAWPIT release their hard hitting debut single ‘Nature’s Curse’

By Niamh Christian

The punk alt-rock trio, Mawpit from Cardiff have released their first heart-wrenching single “Nature’s Curse“. A beautiful song with a hard-hitting meaning to the lyrics, aggression and violence being connotated throughout with lines such as “one day you’ll wake up and find my soul is dead”.

A well put together tune combining grungey guitars and hardcore riffs to a compelling beat, complimenting lead singer Cait’s soft yet powerful voice. ‘Nature’s Curse’ is made up of its mystical melody placed alongside the huge anthem chorus, enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Mawpit aren’t shy of controversial topics whether it be feminism, environmentalism or animal rights; and this political anthem goes to prove it. Written and performed with so much build-up anger and passion, the lyrics come from the perspective of Mother Nature pleading in distress from what we’re doing to the earth. 

Personally, I love everything about this song, especially the unique way they decided to portray this message. This song is everything I look for in music: meaningful, dramatic and full of rocky riffs!

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