HOURGLVSS – ‘Supreme Being’ Interview

By Emily Duff

Power duo HOURGLVSS have released their new track, Supreme Being. A dance pop track that has surprising ethereal elements that range from from the vocals to the backing singers but combine to make the track instantly catchy.
Starting with a 10 second guitar riff that totally confuses a listener expecting upbeat synth, the tune immediately moves into their dance tune. It layers vocals and a synth accompaniment to slowly build up the track until a really abrupt and powerful ending.

I’ve had the pleasure of having a chat with the duo which you can read here:

1. What’s the story behind your name, HOURGLVSS?
An Hourglass is a “symbol of the passage of time.” It concretely represents the present as being between the past and future. With our songs, we like to pay homage to our musical heroes of the past alongside creating something futuristic and specifically ‘Hourglvss’. Hence the name. It also represents us as women, and is an ode to body positivity to love the skin you’re in. 

2. I know you were brought up listening to disco, which track has influenced the work youproduce now?
With Supreme Beings, we were very much influenced by Euro, avant garde 80s disco. Artists such as Gina X Performance, Fashion, Cerrone, Aneka and ABBA played a major role in the creation of the song. We wanted to create something sparkly and fun yet also intricate and meaningful with some dark elements. 

3. Has Katie’s Vintage Store influenced your style as a duo? Is there a specific look youlean towards for performances?
Fashion is of major importance to us as a duo. We both have the exact same taste in fashion and we always love to go above and beyond for performances. We love the theatrics and drama that come with dressing up for performances, being able to transform yourself into any alter ego you want is so empowering and exciting. Katie owning her store Vintage Hearts has definitely enhanced our love for this and made it easier for us to style outfits – she has a huge storage unit just brimming with amazing vintage garments. When it comes to performances, we love to dress in dramatic, 80s inspired suits as sort of an ode to some of our favourite performers such as Grace Jones and Annie Lennox. We love the angular, androgynous feel it gives our aesthetic coupled with the intensity and drama of our music. 

4. How can listeners create this idea of community promoted by Supreme Beings?
Obviously Supreme Beings is heavily Disco influenced. The song carries the same ideals and characteristics of the early stages of Disco. It was music for outsiders and the dispossessed. We wrote this song to design our own sense of community as we too have felt like we didn’t belong during some stages of our lives. Not only is it a self help song for all the other fabulous beings who have felt misplaced during their lives, it’s also a reminder to us that we aren’t alone either.   

5. What influenced the lyrics of Supreme Being?
The influence of the lyrics is to embrace your own individuality. In a world of shaming and comparing we wanted to make a song to stand as a reminder that as dark as the new world may seem at times we are in this together and we should encourage, celebrate and most importantly be kind to one another. Supreme Beings is our gift to anyone that has ever felt like they don’t belong.

6. Which artists influence your music?
It’s really hard to pinpoint a small number of artists. We are influenced by an abundance of people and things: Musicians, artists, painters, writers, scholars, nature, senses, basically our universe and the human race. If we had to name some artists though, we would definitely mention: Nico, Kate Bush, Roxy Music, PJ Harvey, Leonard Cohen, Bowie, Cocteau Twins, Justin Vernon, Boy George, Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, the list could go on. 

7. How would you describe your music in one sentence?
An equilibrium of our astrological sensibilities: A sprinkle of Capricorn sensitivity, a dash of Sagittarius inquisitiveness all fused together with flamboyance, intensity and love.

8. What are your goals for the future of your band?
We want to be able to create our own Hourglvss world. A distinct utopia that celebrates music, fashion, love, vibrance and embracing individuality. We want to create a beautiful experience that people can feel a part of when they come to see us or listen to our music. 

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