BLM – Things you can do from home

The amazing Kayleigh Mackay has put together a document of things that you can do to help the BLM movement from home! Please see her Instagram account bio for the full updated sheet! @kayleigh.jasmine

IF YOU NEED A US ZIP CODE FOR A PETITION: 90015 for downtown LA; 10010 for NYC

STREAM TO DONATE: how to help with no money or
leaving your house
Donations long video of art from Black artists, with ad revenue
going to multiple bail funds and Black non-profit
Resistance FundsDonations master list of cities in USA and links to their local bail
funds and BLM charities and organisations
Split your donationDonations your donation between 70+ community bail funds,
mutual aid funds, and racial justice organisers
Homeless Black Trans Women FundDonations fund for the community of Black trans women
who are sex workers and/or homeless
Justice for Breonna TaylorDonations for Breonna Taylor’s family
BLM CarrdDirectoryhttps://blacklivesmatter.carrd.coLinks to donate, information
Unicorn RiotOrganisationhttps://unicornriot.ninjaA decentralised non-profit media organisation of artists and
journalists, exposing root causes of social and environmental
Black Table ArtsOrganisationhttp://www.blacktablearts.comGathering Black communities through the arts,
towards better futures
Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la LuchaOrganisationhttps://ctul.netWorker-led organisation for workers to organise, educate and
empower each other to fight for a voice in their workplaces
and communities
#JusticeForJameePetition Johnson was killed by police on 14 December 2019.
Petition to release the bodycam footage.
Use any American ZIP code
Justice for David McAteePetition was shot and killed by LMPD and National Guard on
1 June at his BBQ stand. His body was left in the street for
over 12 hours
Disbarment of George E BarnhillPetition E Barnhill’s choice to sit on the Ahmaud Arbery’s
case for 3 months is believed to be out of personal prejudices
and relationships with the murderers
Justice for George FloydPetition Floyd had his neck kneeled on for nine minutes,
causing him to be asphyxiated by a cop
RAISE THE DEGREEPetition to raise the degree of Chauvin’s charge
Justice for Ahmaud ArberyPetition Arbery was chased and gunned down by father and
son Travis and Greg McMichael after an false accusation of
Justice for Breonna TaylorPetition Taylor was an award-winning EMT. She was shot 8
times from 22 rounds fired after an illegal and unannounced
police raid. Her house was the wrong house
Justice for Emerald BlackPetition had a high-risk pregnancy. Her and her fiance were
stopped by police, who ordered her out the car where they
proceeded to pile on top of her and stomp on her stomach,
causing a miscarriage
Justice for Cameron GreenPetition was shot and killed by correctional officer Fidler. Fidler
covered up the incident, tampered with evidence and
portrayed Green as a home invader when he had in fact
been invited
Justice for Tony McDadePetition was a Black trans man who was shot and killed by
Tallahassee police
Julius Jones is InnocentPetition was 19 years old when he was convicted of a murder
he claims he did not commit, and has now lived on death row
for over 20 years, in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day
Justice for Jennifer JeffleyPetition was 15 years old when she was arrested for the
murder of Maria Palomina. A murder than she did not commit.
She has spent over 20 years behind bars serving a life
Justice for Amari BoonePetition, aged just 3 years old, endured horrific child abuse
that resulted in his death while in CPS care
Justice for Alejandro Vargas MartinezPetition was an innocent 15 year old high schooler, who
was shot 7 times in a botched robbery attempt
Justice for Tamir RicePetition was a 12 year old boy playing with a toy gun in a park.
Someone called 911 on him and police fatally shot him
before the police car had even stopped moving
Reopen the case involving the death of Tamla HorsfordPetition was attending a mothers’ sleepover when she was
found dead after “allegedly” falling over 1.5 storeys high
balcony. Her death is extremely suspicious
Make acts of racism an act of domestic terrorism – Create
George’s Law
Petition to make acts of racism an act of domestic terrorism

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