Rory Wynee – ‘Roses’ Review


The new single from singer/songwriter Rory Wynne is a catchy offering of dreamy, anthemic indie pop. “Roses” perfectly displays Wynee’s ability to write a catchy melody laid over dreamlike synths. The track then energetically builds up into an anthemic chorus, making it an ideal indie bop for a less than ideal summer. 

Roses – Youtube Official Audio

‘I think we have to keep positive during difficult times and releasing new music is as important as ever – I
can’t wait for things to get back to normal and to get back on stage but for now we must stay safe and
hopefully new music will make things go by a bit quicker’

Wynne on COVID

However I do feel that the single can be too beautiful for its own good. My only criticism is that it would be refreshing to hear Wynee deliver some more grit in his playing style. Though the track is incredibly beautiful and Wynee has nailed this approach to songwriting, I think the next step could be to deliver some light intensity to give the track more dynamics in its sound. 

Nonetheless, Roses stands as a worthy follow-up to Wynee’s previous single “Getting Over You”, a blistening pop track which perfectly cemented his writing ability. However where that single lacked in its somewhat over-compressed production, Roses more than makes up for its tighter focus on mixing. The track’s chorus retains it’s synth and guitar layers without sounding too overbearing or loud, giving the catchiness an enjoyable listen. 

As it stands, Roses is a step up from Wynee’s preceding material. A must listen for fans of dreamy, catchy indie pop. 

“He has a definite x factor, charisma and power right from the off”

– Get Into This


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