Music Review: BLÓM – Flower Violence

By Emily Duff

After pre-releases Be Kind and Meat, their debut album has been highly anticipated. Female/non-binary power trio, BLÓM have finally released new music since their last singles in 2018.

BLÓM is a noisey, punky, experimental group of radjie but super cute members and Flower Violence fully personifies that. BLÓM blends all ranges of genres and paces to bring a feel of frantic agitation that can unsettle a listener but also allows for a completely unique listening experience. I usually like to give some kind of comparisons within my articles to allow you to get a feel for the music, but with BLÓM nobody springs to mind – I guess you’ll just have to give them a listen for yourself. Although, you should do that anyway.

Self described as three cutie punks playing pure radge shit, their music lives up to that exact description. Having a band made up of entirely female, trans and non binary members, Blóm are a band that question the norms of the music industry. With most music being produced by cis males, BLÓM bring a new image to the scene that allows for a change of pace and style and genre. BLÓM are unashamedly themselves and refuse to fit into categories with their music, simply being “alternative”. 

BLÓM uses their lyrical focuses and physical representation to create a space where conversations are encouraged. Having a public band who are not afraid to answer questions allows for a safe environment to find out more about the scenes that many people are often unable to get to know as well as allowing for people to meet like minded individuals that are often erased from music. If only more empowering bands like this existed.

I am also having the pleasure of interviewing BLÓM for my new project, a female-focused art, music and film magazine. It is being curated as you read this and will be on its way soon (ish) so keep your eyes peeled.

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