Single Review: Plastic Glass – Let Me Know

By Emily Duff

Local Indie Rock band, Plastic Glass, have released yet another hit. After bangers like Til the End and Come Clean, there were high expectations for this new tune – all of which were exceeded.

The 4-piece is made up of vocalist Lewis Conlin, drummer Frazer Graham, lead guitarist Dylan Abbot and bass player Ben Richardson. Now their most popular song on Spotify, Let Me Know starts with a funky guitar that immediately gets your head bouncing. The tune is a summer anthem that tells the story of being fearful they’ll be left while being accompanied by a bouncy, repeated guitar riff.

Despite only forming in 2018 in the bedroom of lead guitarist, Dylan Abbot, the band have played many capacity headline gigs as well as supporting The Pale Whites sold out show last year. This experience can be heard in every single they’ve released, each tune is an anthem designed to be played live – and making me excited for when they’re able to tour again. 

Although their run of UK gigs has been cut short, the band have taken to instagram to answer fan questions, take part in Come Together NE as well as providing cover songs for Picnic’s album. The album is raising money for Sunderland Food Bank, a cause that is constantly suffering high strain and which will be worsened in times like these. The album is available on Picnic’s band camp and Plastic Glass originals can be found on their spotify.

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