CORONA CONTINUING TO KILL EVEN AFTER THE PANDEMIC: How is Newcastle’s nightlife going to survive?

By Natalie Greener (Originally a uni piece found on HOWAYheadlines April 2020)

Many fears are circling in our minds during COVID-19. Normal doesn’t feel real anymore and with a harsh uncertainty of what is to come, life looks even more different by the second.

With seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel and no date for when lock down is going to end, let alone social distancing measures, bleak futures are cemented in for Newcastle’s nightlife as our favourite bars and clubs close – many shutting their doors indefinitely.

Not all is bleak in the midst of the pandemic. Good fortune and loyal locals have rallied around their favourite watering holes in an attempt for them to return as normal after such a long hiatus. On 7th April 2020, the Cluny bar and venue in Ouseburn successfully raised £28,465 with 794 supporters in 11 days. You can still partake and support their crowd funder here.

Reece Spencer, from the Cluny and the band A Festival Parade, has suffered greatly from the hands of COVID-19 as both of his lines of work have been cut off. “The domino effect in the music world has clearly been so widespread that the whole industry is currently at a stand-still, from artists to labels to publishers to venues… everything is on an uncertain pause.” The impact on his band and job is evident when he says “both of these elements require one common theme – lots of people being together in one place, over and over again…” Due to government guidelines, this is impossible and Reece exaggerates the importance of support right now and “unfortunately we can’t hold it up (live music and venues) on our own as artists and staff.” Thus the ‘future is a blur’ with many relying on the public’s demand and support during and after lock down.

The club scene in Newcastle is also something of amazing reputation. With 2/3 of the city being students alone, there is hope for a remarkable come back for the promoters of some of the most popular nights in Newcastle. Lewis Norvid is a resident DJ at the hottest nights located at The Cut. With experience in other events and his sole income coming from bookings, he is finding lock down tiresome on his bank balance. Despite having to accept handouts from family during the pandemic, Norvid remains optimistic. 

“I think clubs will be booming more than ever when we are back, a lot of people itching to party again!”

“I used to pay my rent with it (earnings) but now I have been left stuck as I didn’t register as unemployed… If you could donate just £1 per month to feed us promoters, we promise not to litter your DMs on da reg. Text GUESTLIST to 8008135 – Give a little, rave a lot…”


We understand why these measures are in place and the health of the UK relies on us following these guidelines but it does bring up the question of what will happen to the bars independently run who may be killed by Corona. Ghost towns aren’t the future but with everyone in the journey for the long run, clarification on what buildings will still be boarded up when we are free again is a worry on all of our minds.

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