Cabin fever- mental health and the Coronavirus

By Law Emilia

Government advice is clear; stay indoors, stay safe… but what about staying sane? The Coronavirus is not only impacting on physical, but mental health too. The day to day routine of life has been interrupted, jobs have been lost, social contact has been limited. 

If you’re feeling low, you can’t just go and see your friends or have a night out to perk you up. And with the government restricting our social contact and freedom to go outside, it’s easy to start feeling trapped inside your own home. Cabin fever, combined with the stresses of worrying about employment, and vulnerable family members potentially contracting the virus, it’s important now more than ever for people to take care of their mental health. 

“I’ve found myself socially isolated in the house alone” says someone who anonymously reached out to me “I have an underlying health condition so if I get it [Covid-19] then it’s goodnight Vienna. I’m worried about how long this is going to last, I’m worried about my Gran, my job, not being able to get essentials like food, since I can’t really leave my house… the whole world is going through the same thing right now but socially isolating means it still feels like I’m alone in it.” 

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Technology seems to be our saving grace in all of this. Video calls offer up the chance to have virtual face to face conversations with friends and family. Streaming services mean we can spend hours preoccupied by binge watching a box set, playing virtual bingo via Twitch or even keeping fit with real time fitness classes. 

Staying inside is important, and it’s important to remember why. But trying to keep a routine in your day to day life is equally as important. When you’re staying indoors day after day, it’s easy for each day to blend into the next. Try to stick to a proper sleeping pattern, get up and get ready as you normally would, and then move to another room so that you’re not just in one room… ruminating all day. If you’re feeling low, call a friend and let them know, everyone needs a little company right now and they’d more than likely welcome a little chat. 

And just remember, the more everyone stays inside, the sooner we’ll be out of this. 

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